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Expansion Updates

Construction Update

This temple construction update was prepared by the Volunteer Construction Advisory Committee (CAC) under the leadership of Board members Ravi Nadesan & Meena Ravi Annamalai. The CAC is made up of professionals in the fields of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical Engineering, Construction Job Management, Estimating and Field Work.

In preparation for the construction, 3 buildings have been demolished. Another building is required to be demolished before pouring foundation. The site has undergone preliminary preparations for construction and vegetation has been cleared out. Soil testing and geo drilling was performed to determine the soil conditions at the site. The successful completion of the Storm Drain Crossing, a City of Concord required On-Site preparation, was a major accomplishment. We blocked 2 lanes of Concord Boulevard for several days to complete the major project.

Ongoing Meetings

  • Weekly Skype meetings with engineers & consultants
  • Response preparation to address City of Concord Plan Check Department’s Comments by Architect, S.E., etc
  • Coordination between CAC, Different Departments and Consultants
  • Weekly several tele-conferences between the architect, the stapathi, the consultants, & the CAC

This is a first comprehensive update detailing progress of Construction to date.
We plan to send brief Construction updates regularly in future.

Design Phase - Completed

Task Status Date
Selection of Architect and Stapathi Completed
Preparation for design Phase Completed
Design Board Approval Successful! Aug 2016
Auspicious Bhoomi Puja Successful! Aug 2016
City of Concord Planning Commission Approval (Overall Building and Site plan) Successful! Sept 2016

Engineering Phase – In Progress

Task Status Date
Award contract to Architect for Engineering Phase Completed
Review the different disciplines the architect is bringing under his contract Completed Q1 CY2017
Certain disciplines Temple will engage directly

Example: Kitchen Design, Civil, Landscaping,Acoustics, Utilities and Stapathi

Completed Q1 CY2017
Kal Thiruppani Puja Offshore Work Site located in LenaVilakku (near Thirumayam) in India

(Interior of temple will be made of Unpolished Granite or Karung Kal Procure Granite and commence Lord Murugan’s Garbagruha carving)

Successful! July 2017
Prepare documents for City Plan check review

  • Kitchen Detail design
  • Annex Building Interior Detail Design
  • Architectural and Structural Design Coordination
  • Collecting Data
  • Performed Case study at Livermore Temple Kitchen and other neighboring temple data
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Utilities, Audio Visual Consultant Design coordination

Submitted engineering documents to City of Concord Plan Check Department for review and approval Completed December 2017 Submission as per city rules in 2017 - 1st iteration
Received City of Concord Plan Check Department’s comments Feb 2018
Received Contra Costa County Fire Department Approval Successful! Approved Jan 2018
Update the plan check comments in the engineering drawing In Progress Expected to complete by Jun 2018 – 2nd iteration
Re-submit for plan check review TBD May take approximately 30 days to receive response
The above two rows will be done iteratively until we get City of Concord Plan Check Department’s approval to start construction.

Kal Thiruppani

Work in Progress since July 2017

Carving of Murugan Garbagruha at India Site

Construction Preparation Phase – In Progress

Task Status Date
Preliminary Site Preparation, Leveling & Grading performed Completed July - August 2017
Board of Directors gave approval to start Interior work in India In Progress Started July 2017
Storm Water Drainage Relocation @ Concord Blvd

(Major On-Site preparation work requiring Bonding and City of Concord permits)

Successful! September 2017
Identifying Potential General Contractor Accepting Referrals Current
Create Selection Criteria for selection of GC Preparation of Bid Package
Finalize Schedules and Cost Estimates In Process TBD
Ground breaking to pour foundation of the new temple TBD TBD

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Proposed New Temple

Proposed Annex Building with Auditorium & Facilities

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